Roll on the festive season

Looking back to Ted Baker’s UK and European Window Roll-out

A subtle reminder
Roll on the festive season 

Drawing closer, becoming ever present in the hearts and minds of many is the festive season
We reflect on a seasonal moment that was discussed, admired and enjoyed by consumers, a moment shared via social media. Ted Baker Christmas Windows, a UK and European roll out.
Using Santa as the main protagonist, Millington Associates created a moving 3D cast of the man we love so much holding a Christmas wreath posing for the obligatory photo selfie surrounded by his loyal elves.

“Turning the selfie into and Elfie”

Millington sculpted snowflakes shaped in the form of Hashtags

A mixture of illustrations, model casting and crafted VM stands/plinths completed with poly cast snowflakes made in the shape of hashtag symbols set the scene.
Millington Associates were tasked to create this retail experiential moment across a total of 25 stores in locations that include, London, Dublin Manchester, Paris, and Liverpool.

Supporting Ted Baker, Showcasing their seasonal accessories and clothing, suitable for gifting, this UK and European roll out was playful, fun and exuded the spirit of Christmas

Millington Associates 
Creative Memory Makers.Brand Activators 


Colorful, playful, festive and fun