A reflective return: MA for Bally

A reflective return 
MA for Bally

As we draw ever closer to the 30-year anniversary of Millington Associates, what better time to celebrate and enjoy moments of craftsmanship and creativity from our extensive portfolio.

We love a Global and European roll out and pride ourselves on our capability to produce a consistently premium finish, multiplied across all stores.
From concrete paint splattered plinths to bespoke sculpted features, today we reflect on a selection of our work with Bally, the Swiss based fashion and lifestyle brand.
Founded in 1851 by Carl Franz Bally, the vision for Bally was to create excellent footwear using the most innovative craftsmanship.
We feel an affiliation with this belief, using the same concept and principle at Millington Associates for our creative output.

Jump forward to present day, Bally has become a global lifestyle brand that has mastered moments of excellence and elegance for consumers. These moments have been translated in striking colour, craft, design, and build by Millington Associates.
Maintaining the brand’s visual communication strategy for audiences worldwide.

Dynamic, Striking, plinths finished in a beautiful gloss and rolled out to stores in the UK, Switzerland, USA, and Italy.
Impactful bespoke window sculpture presented in Harrods
A simple but effective moment crafted by Millington Associates offering a sense of simple artistry and realism presented as an international roll out.
Visually striking reflective mirrors and bespoke lighting creating a deep intense retail moment for both European and U.S stores