Millington Associates Produce – Seoul 10 X Selfridges



Millington Associates Produce – Seoul 10 X Selfridges

Millington Associates
 connected with Seoul Fashion Week and Selfridges to showcase 10 of South Korea’s most innovative fashion design talents.

The designers came together to break boundaries for this curated project, showcasing collections and the avant-garde creativity of this new breed of emerging designers.

The pop up features the work of Seoul-based graffiti artist @Xeva who flew all the way from Seoul to paint in the MA studios straight onto the fitted wall display.

A large-scale neon which takes pride of place in the centre of the pop up was designed by @Yoonyeojun

The pop up is completed with minimalistic, black powder coated rails that are suspended in the entire space, allowing the product to be the main focus.

In-store until November 19th this retail and fashion presentation of interpreted street style and collaboration is an exciting moment that continues to grow.

This is a great example of collaboration, craftsmanship, innovation and amazing creativity!